General Product Description:
Basic dyes are highly concentrated and brilliant. These dyes are widely used for painting on silk. When used properly, results are fast to dry cleaning and hand washing.

These dyes are soluble in water and denatured alcohol. Alcohol dries more quickly and spreads a little less. A combination of water and alcohol may be used to control the drying time.

Basic dyes are fugitive to sunlight. Therefore they are not suitable for curtains or wall hangings. They are primarily used for dress goods and scarves.

Additional Applications for Basic Dyes:

Dyeing of beads, shells, fresh water pearls, wood, reed, straw, Glazing tints for shellac and lacquer.

Directions for hand painting and steam finishing on silk:
Dissolve thoroughly a small amount of dye with a little hot water. Dilute to desired strength and apply to silk. The silk should be flat. You may wish to place it on newsprint or absorbant paper to absorb excess dye.
Avoid over concentration of dye, as this will produce un-even results, excess run-off and staining when the piece is rinsed. You may find that a few applications of a relatively dilute solution work better than one application of a strong solution. This is especially true of darker colors covering large areas. Avoid an over-concentration of the dye.
After the piece is dry iron it (do not use steam). Then rinse in lukewarm water to remove excess color. Dry flat.
To achieve a sharp edge it is necessary to use a wax resist or gutta, which is later removed by ironing or dry cleaning.
These dyes are often steam set, which will brighten the color and prevent rubbing off.